Geocaching in Newfoundland 

Geocaching on the East Coast Trail on the East Coast of the Avalon Peninsula.  Geo Caching is a hide and seek treasure hunt using your GPS to track the hidden stash. Visit us for a Geo Cache treasure hunting vacation on the East Coast Trail.


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More than 360 Geocaches are hidden on The East Coast Trail in Newfoundland. All you need to discover these geo cache treasures is a GPS, hiking boots, hiking gear and your backpack.

We can provide you with detailed Topo maps of Newfoundland and the Eastcoast Trail to make your treasure hunt a successful Geo Cache Holiday. Freeware GPS software is available for downloading your hidden and found Geocache, waypoint, tracks, routes and POI's from your Garmin/Magellan GPS Unit.

Join us for a treasure hunting holiday on the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland. Look up Geocaching in Canada and Newfoundland at WWW.GEOCACHING.COM, the official and best website about Geocaching. Another good source the ACGA

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If you want to learn more about Geocaching, GPS, Topo Maps, Micro Cache and Swiss Army Knife, visit the GEOCACHE-FAQ

If you plan to stay some days at the Brown Rabbit Cabins we will bring you to the following Trails:

Bay Bulls to Witless Bay  7.3 km 2-4 hour hike

Witless Bay to Mobile    7km 2-3 hour hike

Mobile to Tors Cove    5.1km 1.5-2.5 hour hike

Tors Cove to La Manche    6.4km 2 hour hike

La Manche to Brigus    14.5 km 6-9 hour hike

Brigus to Cape Broyle    6.5 km 2-4 hour hike

Cape Broyle to Calvert    18.3 km 6-10 hour hike

Calvert to Ferryland    5.2km 1.5 hour hike

Ferryland to Aquaforte    5.5 km 2-3 hour hike


Here are 260 Caches LISTED

You will find a detailed East Coast Trail HOLIDAY PACKAGE on our website.